Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our services in the GRC area include the following. The penalties for non-compliance are getting higher and affecting practically every individual regardless of their role in the company. Within our team or in concert with other firms we assist Clients in reducing their risks that a business-as-usual attitude might breed.

Corporate & IT Governance

Global focus on Governance covers such mandated topics as SOX compliance in listed corporations, AML and KYC for financial institutions and awareness training for executives and directors on topics such as FACTA, FCPA and Bribery Act. We assist MNCs with dealing with such complex topics, especially with respect cross-border, cross-cultural aspects.

System & Security Audit

Companies spend millions of dollars on ill-formed or ill-performed audits where there is repetition, non-reproduceability and lack of comprehensiveness using ill-fitting tools such as complicated Excel sheets. ET's advisors can reduce enterprise risk by assisting with audit program revamp, user training on IT risks and proper tools.

Internal Audit

A critical part of any large business, especially listed firms is Internal Audit. ET auditors can augment an Internal Audit or Corporate Auditor team within MNCs to better align the program with reduction of corporate risks.


Enterprise Risk Management is often either not implemented or subsituted by a patchwork of programs that are run at operational level, making a parody of the intention of addressing enterprise risks. A review followed by continuous update of risks and ways of alleviation is essential to managing changing risks at the earliest instance of manifestation. A closely aligned program that is often left to lower level operational management is Business Continuity Planning. ET can provide crucial external viewpoint to supplement internal efforts in order to identify gaps and provide solutions.