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Our Services

Data Analytics

With a strong background in statistics, data mining and enterprise system development, we assist Clients with conceptualization of data analytics required, the creation of POCs, its integration in enterprise systems and deployment across the company. Our team has experience in the testing, creation and usage of actionable data for mission critical operations such as data migration and big data analytics; trend and time series analysis for predictive analytics and marketing; SNS (twitter, Facebook etc.) usage, and sentimental analysis; text mining and NLP; syslog and audit log analysis. As tool-agnostic consultants and technologists, we have excellent partnership agreements with niche data scientists and educational institutions to provide client-centric solutions.

Information Technology

Our consultants have experience in project assistance in more than 7 countries, including PMO and turnkey solutions. ET has developed its own EPIC© methodology to implement packages in a way that reduces risks to budget and schedule.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

The flurry of changes to the laws and regulations related to risk management, compliance, financial disclosures, audits, and AML/KYC over the last 2 decades requires well structured GRC solutions. The long technology adoption cycles and closed system architectures employed by enterprises are strained by radical changes in consumer behavior. SNS, cloud services (including SaaS, PaaS etc.) and security-agnostic IoT and other consumer devices (eg. car navigation systems, home routers) increase the associated risks of usage with few straightforward solutions. We can complement and supplement your needs in the GRC area through our expertise in cross-functional areas, working along with our clients and partners to provide lasting solutions for an everchanging landscape.