Data Scientist, Technologist

Job Code: DSTC202 (Jun 2019)

Position: Data Scientist, Technologist

Openings: Up to 2

Availability: Immediate

Required Skill Set:

  • Background: Data analytics experience of at least 3 years. Demonstrated ability to do data wrangling, data cleansing, Database definition and management, version control required. A computer science/engineering and/or statistical/mathematical degree given priority. Must have subject matter expertise in one or more of the following: machine learning, time series analysis, predictive analytics, NLP, [D]NN. Technical mastery of the tools of trade -- analytical tools such as Python, R; web development and scraping tools such as JS, node.js, PHP -- given priority. Special consideration given to data scientists with NLP, big data analysis experience.
  • Capabilities: Logical and analytical, open and effective communication, abililty to document well.
  • Language requirement: Japanese/English bilingual preferable.
  • Other: Mobility and flexibility are required for certain projects.

Interested candidates, please send your CV to Please mention the HR Code/Position.